Sci-fi city real-time real-size constructor

A high-quality asset pack designed for quick sci-fi style city building for Unity.

By default the package was designed for URP Unity3D rendering pipeline.

The pack contain several constructors:
17 prefabs for road constructor.
110 prefabs for building constructor.
17 prefabs for palisades constructor.
25 prefabs for rooftops constructor.
6 prefabs for antennas.
4 prefabs for trees.

The road constructor is gridded. The grid size is 38 m. In the future I have a plan to grow this constructor.
add tunnels
add road junctions
and so on.

The building constructor is not gridded. There are two types of floors. They are different by the height of windows (3.5 m and 5.5 m now). You can see how I use this in the demo scene. I am using a name-convention. The template for building is:
sci_fi_building_[index of building_profile]_section_[size_of_section]_h[height of windows]_f[number of floor in section]
The size of the section is sorted.

There are many textures in the package. I am planning to add more texture-settings for more deep variations. Now the setting name is Basic_sci_fi.
Also there are two texture-settings for roads. Use it as you want.
I am using tileable textures.

In the Unity project I switched off texture filtering and reduced texture size in the compression settings. I made it for PlayStation 2 style graphics.
Therefore you can use textures as a template to draw your own textures.